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Maybe I should just get one of these.
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There are a lot of things I don’t know how to do. Simple, everyday things. It’s embarrassing, really.

I’ve come to realize exactly how much I’ve never done before because my 25th birthday is on Sunday, and I’ve decided (inspired by Staff Writer Marisa Demarco, who did something similar for her birthday last year) to attempt 25 things I’ve never done before in approximately 25 days.

The list of possibilities is daunting. It also makes me wonder what I’ve been doing until now, as many of these things are items one should probably experience before they turn the age of 25.

Despite the fact that I grew up in Colorado, I’ve never gone skiing or snowboarding (this would, of course, be hard to accomplish in July in New Mexico, so I may have to wait to check this off the list). I’ve also never gone rock climbing or mountain biking (I only learned how to ride a bicycle little more than a year ago). I’ve never been to a wine festival. I don’t know how to work a necktie. And, the item I’m struggling with the most right now, I can’t whistle.

I’m determined that by the end of the month (or summer, at least), I’ll be able to produce a sound through pursed lips that resembles something other than a sickly teakettle.

Our intern Thomas insists whistling is genetic, which means I may be screwed. Marisa reassures me it’s not. But I’ve been practicing all the instructions people have given me, and the progress is minimal.

Are there any whistling geniuses out there? Care to impart some wisdom?
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