5Th Annual Scavenger Hunt Is This Weekend!

Sign-Up Deadline Is 3 P.m. Friday, Nov. 19

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5th Annual Scavenger Hunt is this weekend!
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For the last four years we’ve asked readers to scour the city, taking pictures of themselves with assigned objects and sending them in to yours truly. This year, we’re doing it again! You hunt for objects, and we’ll comb through the entries and tally the scores. The winner gets their choice photos and an interview in the paper, along with heaps of fabulous prizes. This year, that could be you!

Here’s how it works:
Log on to alibi.com and fill out the registration form by Friday, Nov. 19, at 3 p.m . ( If you don’t have an alibi.com account, click here.) At 5 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 19, we’ll e-mail you the Scavenger Hunt list. Each item on the list will have a different point value (a picture of you with a cockroach might be worth 10 points, while a picture of you with the Pope might be worth 10,000 points). Rack up as many points as you can.

You’ve got until Monday, Nov. 22, at 5 p.m. to submit your pictures online or in person. We’ll give instructions on how to do so when we e-mail you
. Please add scavenger-hunt@alibi.com to your address book so we get by your junk mail filt er! The Scavenger Hunt issue hits stands Dec. 2!
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