A Good Call For Haiti

Laura Marrich
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A Good Call for Haiti
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I have piles of old cellphones in my dresser, my desk, my garage. Not only that, I have buckets of old wall and car chargers that I could never hope to match back to their devices of origin. (Sound familiar?)

Because of the battery and gnarly chemicals used in cell phone components, you can’t just chuck this stuff into the landfill. But your old cellphone and accessories can make life better for Haitians struggling after the earthquake.

Go to
phonesforhaiti.com to download a free shipping label, then mail them your unwanted communication devices. Phones that work or can be refurbished will be given to aid groups in Haiti. Phones and accessories that don’t make the cut will be recycled, and 100 percent of their proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross.
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