A Jar Of Jam Fell On My Toe Last Night

Nick Brown
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A Jar Of Jam Fell On My Toe Last Night
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Somebody put an extra large jar of jam sideways on an upper shelf in the refrigerator, so when I was looking for some cheese it rolled out right from chest level and fell all the way to the big toe of my right foot. As if that weren’t bad enough, this was a really big jar of unopened jam – big enough to feed 25 kids at APS Colonial Days, if there were such a thing. It probably weighed at least five pounds. To make matters even worse, I have super bad ingrown toenails to where they pretty much hurt all the time as it is. I howled and screamed for five minutes just like the people in those youtube videos Tom Nayder seems to get such a kick out of, then put some ice on it and sulked all night. It still hurts today, but there are no visible marks beyond some discoloration at the corner of the nail.

That is my story for today.
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