A Man And His Squeezebox

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
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I believe in synchronicity. Just last night I was talking about accordions after thinking about accordions all day. What did I find at one of my favorite music blogs this morning? An unusual video of Uwe Steger showing us how to use MIDI accordion attachments, including one odd microphone.

Backstory: My dad plays the windjammer as did his uncle before him, etc. I can play a (very) little stomach Steinway myself.

The old groanbox is a seriously underrated instrument. Apparently, I am
not the only one who feels this way. In addition to having a number of charming synonyms, (all of which I am trying to use within the course of this blog), the pig organ produces some of the best chords in the world. It is also an instrument suited to mournful wailing, believe it or not. And it can sound pretty heavy coming through a few effects pedals.

I wish more bands, even bangy rock bands, would make use of the squeezebox. Perhaps I will pioneer an (unsuccessful) movement to put the accordion back into our pop.
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