A Needle Between The Eyes

Clemence Schaumberg
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A Needle Between the Eyes
Worlds Smallest Ice Pack
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I did it. My mom paid for Botox for my birthday. I have a serious frown canyon between my eyes. It makes me look like I’m angry all the time and honestly, I’m only a bitch part of the time.

It was just five needle pokes into the frown muscles. It didn’t hurt much at all (I got a gentle specialist). They gave me this little ice packet to numb my frownies before they stuck me. It will take up to seven days for the $250 pricks to poison my muscles enough to render them paralyzed. It lasts up to six months.

Some people think I’m crazy. I say folks have been doing this for years without major complications (with a few exceptions in medically ill individuals).

I hope my friends and family will intervene if I start to look like the
cat lady.
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