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Late-Breaking Pictorials From Your Calendar Girl

Laura Marrich
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For those who suspect that the staff at the Alibi must be just a little (ahem) queer—you're absolutely right! And we've got the photos to prove it. On Saturday, June 11, the Alibi proudly rolled down Central in our little “float that could”— really just a small pickup truck festooned with paper flowers and a trellis from Hobby Lobby—for the 29th annual Albuquerque Pride Parade. In it, we enacted our own kooky “marriage ceremony,” complete with ring pops, rainbows and our very own Elvis impersonator. Of course, we met the minimum requirement for injuries (Elena's knee) and wardrobe malfunctions (Megan's tube top). And who can forget the enthusiastic fan who offered to serve Elvis her “bearded taco?” Boy, she must really dig the oldies! All in all, we had a gay old time. See for yourself http://www.abqpride.com/photo_album/2005_page01.html and http://www.abqpride.com/images/photos/2005photos/eqnm/P1010077.jpg

And if you've got some of your own photos to share from the event, be a dear and send them over to Web@ABQPride.com.

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