A (Possible) Media Future

Well-Crafted And Thought Through (Try It Sometime!)

Christopher Johnson
2 min read
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After doing something for 20 years you live the past enough to earn a sense of a possible future. My more than 20 years in the media business have been filled with ups and downs, but knowing about the current media marketplace is something that comes quite handily. Prescient thoughts, however, are another matter.

I sometimes laugh out loud at the chuckleheads who predict with such uninformed, yet earnest certainty at what the immediate and far out future will bring. Competition, especially those that only need a DSL and URL to become an “expert,” in particular make for great hearty belly laughs as they let their silly hopes and dreams trickle out to flavor their “professional” prognostications.

A friend tipped me off to the site epic.makingithappen.co.uk/ http://epic.makingithappen.co.uk/, which hosts Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson’s original flash movie, Epic 2014, about the future of media, ostensibly made for “Museum of Media History.” Epic 2014 and its update Epic 2015 are cool for two reasons. First, they are an excellent use of today’s technology to shade a possible media future, and, second, because while I wouldn’t bet on Epic 2015‘s vision of the future at least someone has put some thought into what a possible future might be. Check out 2014 first then treat yourself to 2015.

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