A Short List Of Random Things

That I, For Some Reason, Find Interesting.

Nick Brown
1 min read
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1) Owen Wilson is out of the hospital and back home after his suicide attempt, but there are curiously no marks or bandages on his wrists. Hmmm. Here, thanks to Geoffrey Anjou, is a list of celebrity suicide attempts.

2) Remember the Zagnut? The Milkshake Bar? Here’s a list of discontinued candies that might jar a few memories.

3) Here’s a list of the top 10 most haunted objects. Oooooo. Scary.

4) They’re pretty sure our now that our bees are disappearing in large part due to a virus imported accidentally from Australia.

5) Again, thanks to Geoffrey Anjou for this Barbie Electric Chair.

6) Now, this story sounds pretty fake to me. A guy is killed by his pet black widow spider, then the rest of his spiders go crawling up his nostrils? I think a black widow has a pretty hard time killing an adult human. What is the Sun? Is it a real newspaper?

7) Thanks to Tom Nayder for these outtakes from Anna Nicole Smith’s hit action movie Skyscraper.
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