A Stove By Any Other Name

Justin Hood
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A Stove by Any Other Name
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So just how did a kitchen appliance become the namesake of Stove art gallery and performance space? “Originally we came up with Stove as a set of designs and characters for a comic book,” says Thomas Haag, who co-owns Stove with brother Forrest and lifelong friend Naython Vane. All three grew up together in Wichita, Kans., and eventually parted ways to Seattle and L.A. “After the comic book thing didn’t really work, we turned Stove into graffiti/street art movement.” Naython and the Haag brothers would make trips up and down the West Coast, bombing stoves on any public wall they could reach. Today in Albuquerque, "We get people coming in all the time from out of town saying, ‘Hey, I’ve seen that character of a stove before in L.A.’ ”
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