Accused Prostitution Ring Used Advertising In The Alibi?

Carl Petersen
2 min read
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I just caught wind of a story on the TV news indicating that a company under investigation for prostitution used advertising in the Alibi. I haven’t seen the story yet, but I want to say that the Alibi, aside from standing for free speech, has always had a strong policy against running advertising intended to further any illegal activity, prostitution or otherwise.

I periodically remind Alibi staff of this policy (among a myriad of others). Here is the email I just sent to the Alibi staff regarding the news. It should let curious minds know where we stand on the subject – and hopefully save me from having to stammer in front of a TV camera, which I absolutely hate doing.


That’s one reason why I send emails every so often detailing our policy about advertising for illegal activity: we absolutely do not do it. If we know – or should reasonably know – that advertising is intended to be used in connection with illegal activity of any kind, we don’t run it. In light of that policy, I have every confidence that we’ve done nothing illegal in connection with this investigation or any other.

This is a reminder, however, to be attentive. I don’t think it’s out of line to ask a client bluntly if they’re intending to advertise for illegal purposes if you have any reasonable suspicion. In fact, I think clients conducting legitimate business will appreciate the candor. The law charges a knowing accomplice with the same crime as the primary.”

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