Albuquerque’s Olo Yogurt Studio Is Dropping Prices To Compete With Freezing Weather

Laura Marrich
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AlbuquerqueÕs Olo Yogurt Studio is dropping prices to compete with freezing weather
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All I’m saying is: The high on Wednesday is being pegged at 14 degrees, and I’m broke and addicted to frozen yogurt.


Olo Yogurt Studio adopts risky winter pricing model tied to outdoor temperature in Albuquerque

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – January 31, 2011

Olo Yogurt Studio, a self-serve yogurt shop in Nob Hill, announced earlier this month that they would be adopting a new variable pricing model for the winter. Olo previously had been selling their delicious frozen yogurt with toppings for 41 cents per ounce, but with the cold temperatures in Albuquerque during the winter, the owners decided to take a risk and set each day’s per-ounce price to the outside temperature. This has already resulted in significant discounts during the month of January, and with this week’s predicted cold spell, it could spell almost-free yogurt for fans of the popular store near UNM’s campus.

For simplicity, the store uses the predicted high temperature for zip code 87106 as posted on each morning around 10 am as the day’s per ounce price. For instance, if the predicted high for the day is 28 degrees, everything at Olo is sold for 28 cents per ounce. If the predicted high is above 41, the store just sticks to its normal price of 41 cents per ounce.

“To our knowledge, this type of pricing model has not been attempted in the self-serve frozen yogurt industry,” said co-owner Tom Haines. “We found that our customers love these types of fun, engaging events. I think we’ve succeeded in showing people that even when it’s a little chilly outside, frozen yogurt is always in season.” Customers can check
Olo’s facebook page for up-to-the-minute announcements of cold-weather alerts.

The owners plans to stick with the variable pricing through the end of February, or until Mother Nature puts them out of business, whichever comes first.

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