Albuquerque’s Sexiest Experience: Preliminary Results

There Are Some Lucky Boyfriends Out There

Jerry Cornelius
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AlbuquerqueÕs Sexiest Experience: Preliminary Results
“Girls Hard Love Met Not Seeing Orgasms Orgy,” indeed
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If only all of life was as simple as a data cloud with Sex Threesome looming large in the foreground. Maybe that’s what a future with everyone in the world wearing a Google Glass headset looks like. At least, that’s what it’ll look like in Albuquerque, according to our still-in-progress Second Annual Sex Survey.

Preliminary results from “My sexiest experience ever was …” reveal an interesting recurrence of key phrases from responses like
“Successfully tying myself up for my boyfriend, so that when he came home he’d have a nice little surprise after a long day at work.” and “My boyfriend at the time wanted me to become more interested in video games. He told me he wanted me to play Dead Island while he performed oral sex on me.” The resulting cloud obviously only scratches the surface, but it’s clear some people really like their boyfriends.

There’s still time to add your kinky voice to the fray.
Second Annual Alibi Sex Survey is still open for business until January 29.
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