Alibi Flashback: Gay Pride!

Loud And Proud Through The Years

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Alibi Flashback: Gay Pride!
V.4 No.24 • June 21-27, 1995: The NuCity name gets dropped 7 issues later. (Photographer: Jennifer Lipow; Art Director: David Dabney)
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Equal rights are equal rights. And for the life of us, we can’t understand why people of all sexual and gender orientations aren’t allowed the same benefits, aren’t given access to the same opportunities, and don’t receive the same thundering applause for ccomplishing great things. It doesn’t compute. Journalists that we are, that lack of logic is an irritating grit to us. But we’re making pearls out of it.

There’s a yawning lack of coverage on gay and gender issues by New Mexico information outlets—and our frustration compels us to bridge that gap ourselves.

As the most widely read alternative weekly in New Mexico, we’re loud and proud about the local LGBTQ community. We do it by unearthing and reporting stories that don’t get told anywhere else. We see the
Alibi as a megaphone held aloft to mouths that have been excluded in traditional media. It’s our mission to make those voices heard.

We don’t just talk the talk about supporting New Mexico LGBTs, we walk it—or rather, we build parade floats and glide down the street on them.

In honor of
this week’s Pride events, here’s some colorful coverage from years past:

See also historical pics from Pride Parades gone by:
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Alibi Flashback: Gay Pride!

V.15 No.23 • June 8-14, 2006

Jeff Drew

Alibi Flashback: Gay Pride!

V.14 No.23 • June 9-15, 2005

Artist: Sam Webber; Art Director: Tom Nayder

Alibi Flashback: Gay Pride!

V.18 No.24 • June 11-17, 2009

Photograph courtesy of Gilbert Baker; Art Director: Tom Nayder

Alibi Flashback: Gay Pride!

Don Schrader at PrideFest 2006

Polaroid by Laura Marrich

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