Alibi Food Columnists Featured In The L.a. Times!

Laura Marrich
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Alibi Food Columnists Featured in the L.A. Times!
Alex (foreground) and Evan make some tasties for the L.A. Times . (Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times)
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Stinging hi-fives for Alex Brown and Evan George, who made it into a feature—including a slide show and a recipe—in this week’s Food section of the L.A. Times! The article is about L.A.’s expanding underground of caterers and food workers who focus on raw, vegan and organic cuisine, most of whom are under 30 and in experimental bands. Hipster foodies, essentially.

I met Alex and Evan when we attended Occidental College in L.A. together. At the time they were starting their ascent into hardcore food by working as prep cooks in the campus cafeteria. (Meanwhile, I was going the other way … my first non-cooking job was an Oxy Geology Department assistant.)

Though they never left L.A., they’re Burqueños (as is Evan’s newly-wedded wife, Meagan—another Oxy alum), whose love of craft beer was ignited by trips to Jubilation Fine Wine and Spirits. Hearty cheers to my homies.
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