Alibi Picks: Art Slam

Sam Adams
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Art Slam
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Four Poets Respond is a performance piece dealing with the way objects shape our lives. Directed by Elsa Menéndez, the annual collaboration brings together a group of acclaimed bards who reflect on artwork and functional items—such as a pair of red shoes—that have personal resonance. The event takes place on Wednesday at 516 ARTS. The performers are Valerie Martínez, Lauren Camp, Jasmine Cuffee and Shelle Sánchez. If you’re not familiar with these names, Martínez was the poet laureate of Sante Fe for two years, Camp hosts the poetry show "Audio Saucepan" on KSFR-FM, Cuffee is a slam champion and Sánchez is the director of education at the National Hispanic Cultural Center. This impressive lineup comes together in conjunction with Tricklock’s 12 th annual Revolutions International Theatre Festival.
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