Alibi Picks: Babes, Bards And Barbs

Sam Adams
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Babes, Bards and Barbs
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One thing that poetry, striptease and talking dirty have in common is that, when done right, they’re all art forms. "Tourettes Without Regrets" is a foul-mouthed variety show that runs the gamut from haiku competitions to burlesque. The show hails from the Bay Area, but one of its creators, Christian Drake, moved to Albuquerque and began an offshoot here about a year ago. As for this week’s acts, organizer and host Ann Gora says, "We have this fake donkey show going on." But if that’s not raunchy enough, don’t worry. "We’re still looking for a fetish act," she says. It all goes down tonight at 9 p.m. at The Filling Station. Tickets are $7.
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