Alibi Picks: Destiny Deconstructed

Sam Adams
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Destiny Deconstructed
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You’ve heard a similar premise before: A futuristic company implants its employees with a device that lulls them into naive contentedness. The Big Brother machine is running smooth, but a kink arises in the form of a young hero who yearns for a more human reality (insert Hunger Games, Artificial Intelligence, Matrix reference). Now set that same scenario to a balls-out rock concert. F8 is the first original musical written and performed by Blackout Theatre. Lending to the score and show is a collection of local rockers, including Red Light Cameras, whose singer Amanda Machon takes on the lead role. The two-week run opens tonight at VSA North Fourth Art Center (4904 Fourth Street NW), and it may just help wean you off your Katniss Everdeen obsession.
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