Alibi Picks: Fireworks In The Theater

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Fireworks in the theater
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Wordless post-rock pyrotechnician Explosions In the Sky—known for cinematic soundscapes and cryptic album and song titles—is a dozen years and six albums into it. The Austin four-piece won a place in the hearts of irony-drenched hipsters and earnest football film fans alike. Explosions isn’t exploring new sonic territory, but the consistent, emotive output is impressive. Burqueños of all ages can take in Explosions’ dramatic instrumentals at Sunshine Theater on Wednesday night (the show’s admission is $18 and it’s all-ages). Long Island avant-pop quintet Twin Sister opens with exuberant, eclectic daydream soundtracks. If this concert were a candy, it would be Wint-O-Green Life Savers.
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