Alibi Picks: Me Tarzan, You Jane

Sam Adams
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Me Tarzan, You Jane
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Maybe you’re a girl who hates how her boyfriend leaves his beard trimmings in the sink. Maybe you’re a guy who doesn’t understand why your girlfriend gets so uptight about your beard trimmings. Either way, Rob Becker created Broadway’s longest running solo play based on your predicament. Despite the seemingly male-friendly title, Defending the Caveman delves into the battle of the sexes in an equal-opportunity manner, providing humor on both sides of the chromosomal fence. Rooted in intensive research in fields ranging from anthropology to mythology, Becker’s piece attempts to understand and explain cultural gender differences in a vein of comedy. Caveman opens Friday at 8 p.m. at the KiMo Theatre (423 Central NW) and runs through Sunday.
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