Alibi Picks: Nonstop Latkes!

Laura Marrich
1 min read
Nonstop latkes!
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Sure, they’re God’s chosen people. But Jews are blessed in other ways, too: Namely, they have a weeklong holiday devoted to fried foods. Hanukkah, the most wond-oil-ful time of the year, begins at sunset on Dec. 20. If you can’t wait to start popping the applesauce lids off, the Jewish Community Center is hosting a Hanukkah festival this Sunday at the Convention Center. Besides klezmer bands, hora dancing and holiday gifts, organizers are promising "endless latkes," a latke cook-off, pastrami on rye and a kosher hot dog station. You don’t even have to be Jewish. (Though being hungry wouldn’t hurt.) Passes are available at the door, or call 348-4518 for discounted advance tickets. Visit for all the golden-brown details.
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