Alibi Picks: Poet Life

Summer Olsson
1 min read
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The unshaven, messy-haired guy hunched over a desk, scribbling madly, bottle of booze at his elbow—it’s a popular, romanticized image of a writer. Hemingway? Kerouac? Some cultivate this persona, and the monthly Poetry and Beer event even packages two of its hallmarks for you. But these things do fit nicely, whether you’re writing, reading or just listening. David Rowe, departing New Orleans on his Unsolicited Poetry Tour, fills the guest slot at P&B tonight at the Blackbird. Rowe has a bit of a reputation for upholding the hard-living poet standard, as well as being a melodious, meticulous wordsmith. To hear his gravely voice reading one of his poems, visit

David Rowe at Poetry and Beer

Wednesday, Sept. 7, 8 p.m.

Blackbird Buvette

509 Central NW

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