Alibi Picks: Roller Derby Extravaganza

Adam Fox
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Roller Derby Extravaganza
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Roller derby has taken the entire country by storm. Hell, even Drew Barrymore directed and starred in a movie about it. It has managed to build quite the devoted following here in Albuquerque as the Duke City Derby has made its new residence in the Albuquerque Convention Center. Today, Borders at ABQ Uptown (2240 Q Street NE) hosts a Roller Derby Extravaganza, an information session for those of us still wet behind the ears when it comes to skating around the oval track. Starting at 11 a.m., meet the players, find out how to join the league, play games and win prizes, and see a demonstration of how roller derby is done. For more information on DCD and a complete schedule of upcoming events, visit
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