Alibi Picks: Tomorrow! Seed Workshop At Plants Of The Southwest With Expert Farmy Guys

Laura Marrich
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Tomorrow! Seed workshop at Plants of the Southwest with expert farmy guys
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While you’re sewing the metaphorical seeds of change for 2012 [see "You, Improved"], don’t forget about the literal ones. Two of the state’s foremost farming experts—Michael Reed (La Orilla Farm, The Permaculture Institute) and Joshua Cravens (Jardin del Alma, project director of the Arid Crop Seed Cache)—are presenting a pair of free classes in preparation for spring planting. This Saturday’s session focuses on the history of plant-human coevolution. Next Saturday, take a 101-style workshop on growing your own organic food from seed. Both weekend’s classes take place at Plants of the Southwest (6680 Fourth Street NW) from 1 to 3 p.m. Call (541) 221-2879 or email if you’re interested in attending either of them.
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