Alibi Picks: What Is It Good For?

Sam Adams
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What Is It Good For?
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"Military sexual trauma" is a government-imposed term used to convey rape and sexual assault inflicted upon members of the armed forces by other U.S. soldiers. It’s also the subject of Donna Fiumano-Farley’s A Shot Away: Personal Accounts of Military Sexual Trauma. The writer interviewed soldiers and used their words—verbatim—to create a narrative of the widespread but hush-hush injustices that affect women and men in uniform. It’s not a traditional play, and it’s not just a series of monologues. The stories of seven soldiers—one speaking from the grave—are woven together. The end result is a portrait of the horrific practices and strange military regulations that enable ongoing sexual misconduct in the military. This is the third staging of the piece, after shows in NYC and St. Louis. Final shows Friday, Jan. 27 through Sunday, Jan. 29. $16, $12 students and seniors.
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