Alibi’s 2010 Oscar Night Live Blog Transcript

Is That Headline Utilitarian Enough For Ya, Google?

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If you missed it as it happened, here are the first three hours of live blog action with your host, Alibi film editor, Devin D. O’Leary. For the rest of it, check the embedded widget:

[b]6:31 Devin[/b]: And it begins with a parade of actors. Here are your contenders for tonight. When is the swimsuit competition?

[b]6:32 Devin[/b]: Doogie arrives!

6:35 Comment From Laura: Hello! Laura M. is online and pumped that NPH is opening the Oscars. Way to represent, Albuquerque.

[b]6:36 Devin[/b]: Meryl Streep gets first shout-out of the night.

6:36 Comment From Jessica: That Busby Berkely-esqe Doogie Howser song and dance was surreal.

[b]6:38 Devin[/b]: Hellen Mirren still looking amazingly hot.

6:38 Comment From Laura: Hmmm … not seeing anything on coveritlive so far,

6:39 Comment From Bill M: Enough stand-up…let’s get on with the awards…

[b]6:43 Jessica[/b]: Zing. I don’t know about anyone else (because I’m watching alone) but I’m finding this obligatory opening speech quite funny.

6:44 Comment From nick brown: nobody likes inglorious basterds as much I as I did

6:45 Comment From nick brown: it’s ok

6:45 Comment From Dan: The intro was certainly better than thew red carpet suck-ups.

[b]6:48 nick brown[/b]: deserving award, by all means

[b]6:48 Devin[/b]: Waltz wins the first statue of the night. Uberbingo!

[b]6:48 Jessica[/b]: I guess *somebody* liked Inglorious Basterds as much as you did.

6:49 Comment From Bill M: It HAD to him…

[b]6:49 nick brown[/b]: everybody likes waltz, but nobody likes the movie as much as I did

[b]6:49 Jessica[/b]: The art deco stage is beau-ti-ful.

[b]6:52 Jessica[/b]: Oh. My. God. Ernie K. Doe cover in a J.C. Penny commercial!!!!

6:52 Comment From Tammy: Miley Cyrus on the oscars- wtf??

6:53 Comment From Ilene: Why does George Clooney look so pissed?

[b]6:53 Devin[/b]: He’s not pissed. He’s serious.

6:53 Comment From Tammy: yeah… clooney is looking like someone left him a unpleasant surprise in his gift basket

6:54 Comment From Ilene: He’s so rarely serious

6:54 Comment From Dan: He wasn’t pissed, he was going with the bit.

6:55 Comment From Bill M: GREAT little JKL promo…

[b]6:57 Devin[/b]: Barbara Walters interviews cartoons. Nice touch.

[b]6:57 nick brown[/b]: yeah, I think they were pretending like there was bad blood between him and Baldwin.fantastic mr fox was great

[b]7:00 Devin[/b]: Pete Doctor’s wife Amanda is the first to open the waterworks.

[b]7:02 Devin[/b]: Wait. Nobody’s gonna show up and sing any of the nominated songs? Rip-off.

7:02 Comment From Eric: pffft…. Hanna freaking montana at the oscars..

7:03 Comment From subaru: why is miley standing so weird?

7:03 Comment From subaru: love love love marion!

7:03 Comment From Laura: My money’s on Randy Newman for best song.

7:03 Comment From Laura: Miley Cyrus looks frightening.

7:03 Comment From subaru: hey, not bad colin

7:04 Comment From subaru: I’ve only seen two of the movies nominated tonight. I think.

[b]7:04 Jessica[/b]: What!? That was just a Mark Kozelec rip off. Boo.

[b]7:04 Laura[/b]: Devin was that Crazy Heart scene shot at the SF Opera?

[b]7:04 nick brown[/b]: randy newman’s songs all sound the same. sounds just like toy story

7:04 Comment From subaru: love Mark Kozelec.

[b]7:05 Devin[/b]: New Mexico boy wins an award.

7:05 Comment From subaru: agreed. all of Randy’s sound the same. he’s so annoying.

[b]7:05 Laura[/b]: I was just playing the 2x Newman odds.

7:05 Comment From Bill M: And T. Bone was VERY gracious to let him have the whole time…

[b]7:06 Laura[/b]: "Arab appartheid"? I must have wax in my ears…

[b]7:06 Devin[/b]: SF Opera and Journal Pavillion both used as backdrop in "Crazy Heart"

7:06 Comment From pleaides: I can’t believe D9 is nominated. What a hodge podge movie

7:07 Comment From pleaides: (i’ve switched to my more common user name, pleaides vs subaru)

[b]7:07 Jessica[/b]: Diet coke is the drink of creative, professional hipster types?

[b]7:08 Devin[/b]: Drink it all the time. No, wait. I don’t.

7:08 Comment From Bill M: D9 might just be a preview of coming attactions for ALL of US…

[b]7:08 nick brown[/b]: nayder drinks it all the time, now look at him, on the verge of death

[b]7:09 nick brown[/b]: I wasn’t a bid district 9 fan. Again, I seem to be in the minority.

7:09 Comment From pleaides: I liked it and hated it at the same time. Hated the first part, loved the 2nd

7:10 Comment From pleaides: Who else is getting drunk during this?

[b]7:10 Laura[/b]: Witth Neal Patrick Harris and Crazy Heart, NM’s dominating the first little chunk of the Oscars.

[b]7:10 Jessica[/b]: Hey, good idea!

[b]7:10 nick brown[/b]: I had a chicken, horseradish and jalapeno sandwich. no booze, though.

[b]7:10 Laura[/b]: I’m eating a baked apple with vanilla ice cream. Drunk on calories.

7:10 Comment From pleaides: May I suggest cornbread and miller light.

[b]7:11 nick brown[/b]: maybe I’ll shoot up.

7:11 Comment From pleaides: Why can’t the Oscars have more fun commercials? I wanna see some cat herding.

[b]7:11 Devin[/b]: Eating caviar and drinking champagne in sympathy with the losers. … Winners too.

7:12 Comment From pleaides: Devin! I’m going to crash your party.

[b]7:12 Jessica[/b]: Ag. There was an Ernie K. Doe cover on a Penny’s commercial. If that’s not fun I don’t know what is.

7:12 Comment From Dan: Dev, your old man is eating hot dogs & red wine.

[b]7:13 Devin[/b]: That works. That’s a "Pink’s" run in LA.

7:13 Comment From pleaides: can I admit something here? ok- i will, i would love to be spanked by alec baldwin. while he’s wearing his tux.

7:14 Comment From Laura: Tina Fey = Robert Downy Jr. = the best presenter combo yet. Better than Steve and Alec.

[b]7:15 Jessica[/b]: A Serious Man was depressingsville.

7:16 Comment From Bill M: Sorry QT…

[b]7:16 nick brown[/b]: gomez gets award for most poop on living room carpet

[b]7:17 Devin[/b]: 80’s flashback!

[b]7:17 Jessica[/b]: My refrigerator gets an award for least beer.

7:17 Comment From pleaides: boring, molly

7:17 Comment From pleaides: they both look terrified

[b]7:17 Laura[/b]: Pleaides:

[b]7:18 Laura[/b]: Awwwwwwwkward

7:18 Comment From pleaides: yes!!! bueller!!!

[b]7:18 Devin[/b]: Large copper deposits are eating Molly Ringwald.

7:19 Comment From pleaides: hahahahahaha. good one oleary

[b]7:19 Laura[/b]: Never had one lesson.

[b]7:19 Jessica[/b]: Long, where is grandpa’s automobiiiiile?

[b]7:20 Devin[/b]: Farmer Ted makes an Oscar montage. My teenage years are validated.

[b]7:21 Laura[/b]: Time machine for Baldwin. Bet he’s happy.

[b]7:21 Devin[/b]: Whoa. Young Baldwin!

7:21 Comment From pleaides: this shit still makes me happy

[b]7:21 Laura[/b]: … And wrap a hot towel around your head.

[b]7:22 Devin[/b]: Duckie!

7:22 Comment From pleaides: whoa! cancer?

[b]7:22 Laura[/b]: The blocking is super stiff.

[b]7:23 Devin[/b]: On second thought, let’s not have a "Breakfast Club 2"

7:23 Comment From Nozlkoff: Hey dudes

[b]7:23 Laura[/b]: Awkward twice over..

7:23 Comment From Summer: It’s too bad that guy’s on Three and a Half Men now…

[b]7:24 Laura[/b]: Hey Nozilkoff and Summer!

[b]7:24 Devin[/b]: Samuel L. Jackson proves he’s the only man who can wear a beret and still look manly.

7:25 Comment From pleaides: shit! ed asner is still alive!

[b]7:26 Laura[/b]: Quick poll: Is it possible to make a sitcom worse than Three and a Half Men?

7:26 Comment From pleaides: i like that sitcom.

[b]7:26 Laura[/b]: You have no soul.

7:26 Comment From pleaides: i’ve been told

7:26 Comment From Nozlkoff: Yes. It is The New Adventures of Old Christine

7:26 Comment From Eric: seriously. a caterpillar wouldn’t enjoy it

7:26 Comment From Dan: I don’t know…I’d have to watch at least once to know,

7:27 Comment From Nozlkoff: CBS man. Yuck.

[b]7:27 Laura[/b]: All of the commercials are vaguely creepy.

7:27 Comment From pleaides: zoe’s dress is hideous

7:27 Comment From Hank Hill: They are asinine

[b]7:28 Jessica[/b]: I LOVE it! I want that dress.

7:28 Comment From pleaides: theeeee worst

7:28 Comment From Summer: That dress has a very Georgia O’Keefe vagina look to it.

[b]7:29 Jessica[/b]: I would wear that purple thing for a wedding dress. It’s so weird and fuzzy.

[b]7:29 Laura[/b]: Summer, I’m pleased to announce that your mouth wins the Oscar for best O’Keefe’s Vagina Comment.

7:30 Comment From Nozlkoff: I’m in a room full of people that work on movies in Alice TX. I’ll let you know if I hear any gems.

[b]7:30 Laura[/b]: Which one is Zoe? The purlpe dress?

7:30 Comment From pleaides: cheers to alice texas

[b]7:30 Jessica[/b]: Yes. Zoe = purple.

7:30 Comment From JD: Am I getting old? I don’t know these two.

7:30 Comment From pleaides: zoe is avatar

7:31 Comment From Summer: My first Oscar! I’d like to thank all designers of hideous fashion.

7:31 Comment From pleaides: fun category!

[b]7:31 Laura[/b]: I don’t either, Jd. But I saw zero movies this year.

7:32 Comment From Eric: Darn… I love wallace and grommit

[b]7:32 Devin[/b]: Academy sorts are playing at the Guild Cinema. Go see them now!

[b]7:32 Jessica[/b]: Where does one view shorts in Albuquerque?

7:32 Comment From pleaides: not on Chance

7:32 Comment From JD: Yay! Animated shorts! The red headed step-child of the Academy Awards.

[b]7:33 Jessica[/b]: I see.

[b]7:33 Laura[/b]: Did you see Logorama, JD?

[b]7:34 Laura[/b]: …Or any of the noms for animated film?

7:34 Comment From Nozlkoff: Oh my god everyone in this room is talking about the shorts they’ve made

7:34 Comment From JD: No, but it looks pretty awesome.

7:34 Comment From pleaides: whoa!

7:34 Comment From pleaides: she’s shitfaced

[b]7:34 Jessica[/b]: What just happened?

[b]7:35 Devin[/b]: Is this a Kanye West moment?

[b]7:35 Jessica[/b]: Is she going mall walking after this?

7:35 Comment From Hank: SHE PULLED A KANYE

7:35 Comment From pleaides: yes, cut em off

[b]7:35 Laura[/b]: Kanye West blended with a dash of all of our moms.

[b]7:36 Laura[/b]: Where do I know these "New Tenants" actors from?

7:37 Comment From Bill M: This show is S.O.O.O.o.o.o. SLOW so far…

7:37 Comment From pleaides: i want more alec

[b]7:37 Laura[/b]: I want more Fey and Downey

[b]7:38 Devin[/b]: Kevi nCorrigan and Vincent D’Onofrio. Impressive for a short.

7:38 Comment From JD: That’s funny stuff.

7:38 Comment From Summer: There’s a better actor than any that was in the film

[b]7:38 Devin[/b]: Ben stiller shows up dressed as a Na’avi. And I had odds on Robin Williams.

[b]7:38 Laura[/b]: Devim, you called it. But it’s not robin williams in Avatar blue.

7:38 Comment From pleaides: painful

7:38 Comment From Dan: Good prediction, Dev. Close.

7:39 Comment From pleaides: time wasting

7:39 Comment From Hank: he sounds like michael jackson

7:39 Comment From pleaides: why are people laughing

[b]7:39 Devin[/b]: Trivia: Sacha Baron Cohen was supposed to do this. But his bit (pregnant and accusing Cameron of fathering the child) was considered too rude.

7:40 Comment From Noz: I want less Stiller

7:41 Comment From Dan: I concur, but I want even less Cohen.

7:41 Comment From Summer: Did anyone else see Young Victoria? That movie was THE WORST….worse than this Stiller bit.

[b]7:41 Laura[/b]: I didn’t even like Zoolander, save for the Bowie walk-off.

[b]7:42 Laura[/b]: Yay for eccentric makeup artists.

[b]7:43 Devin[/b]: See. Some fat makeup dude shows up in a beret. It’s not working. Jackson’s the only living man who can rock it.

[b]7:44 Laura[/b]: K. Guess I need to see A Serious Man.

7:44 Comment From pleaides: who liked the serious man?

[b]7:45 Jessica[/b]: I did not. Like I said, depressingsville.

7:45 Comment From pleaides: i don’t have any urge to see it

7:46 Comment From pleaides: who else is wearing a ball gown while lying on their futon"

7:47 Comment From Summer: I’m at a party where everyone is taking this very seriously, and there was a Red Carpet/Black Tie dress code.

7:47 Comment From Summer: Check some of these people out:

7:48 Comment From Summer: These people bought dresses for this party. Except me…I’m wearing a New Year’s dress from several years ago.

[b]7:48 Laura[/b]: The dictionary definition of "adapt." awesome.

7:48 Comment From Dan: I miss the Oscars at the Guild, my tux is getting moldy.

7:49 Comment From pleaides: awesome, summer!

[b]7:49 Laura[/b]: Where’s your party at? An old west boarding house?

[b]7:50 Laura[/b]: Sorry, I missed it. What’s the catfood line from?

[b]7:50 Devin[/b]: District 9

7:51 Comment From Summer: Oops, you looked at too many, and you saw my Old West Boarding house photos….

[b]7:51 Laura[/b]: This guy is the definition of earnest.

[b]7:51 Devin[/b]: Best adapted screenplay wins for most humble acceptance speech.

7:52 Comment From pleaides: good one steve

[b]7:52 Devin[/b]: Aaand cut to all the black people in the audience. Good job director.

7:52 Comment From pleaides: so true, devin

7:53 Comment From Bill M: More Steve Martin…

[b]7:53 Devin[/b]: So glad I live in a world where Roger Corman has and Oscar.

[b]7:54 Devin[/b]: Roger Corman and Lauren Bacall in one sentence!

[b]7:55 Laura[/b]: Lauren Bacall’s still gorgeous.

[b]7:55 Jessica[/b]: Oh no, not Robin Williams.

7:55 Comment From Summer: At least not in that Na’avi make-up like mentioned earlier

[b]7:55 Laura[/b]: Ball holding joke. Saw that one coming, Robin.

7:56 Comment From pleaides: hey, the soft porn movie

7:56 Comment From pleaides: 9 sucked big time

7:57 Comment From pleaides: did anyone see up in the air"

[b]7:58 Laura[/b]: Maggie Gyllanhal: Bow wow or me-ow?

7:58 Comment From pleaides: meow!!!

[b]7:58 Devin[/b]: Nominees I’ve met in person so far: Maggie Gyllenhaal.

[b]7:58 Jessica[/b]: Me-ow!

7:58 Comment From pleaides: what setting, devin?

[b]7:58 Devin[/b]: She’s not too shabby. Smart and cute. Good combo.

7:59 Comment From Summer: Hannah, from Tricklock, was Maggie’s stand in for Crazy Heart

7:59 Comment From JD: Was Crazy Heart done here?

7:59 Comment From pleaides: i admire all of those actresses

[b]8:00 Devin[/b]: Crazy heart was shot right here. Line produced by a local. Music written by a guy from Hobbs.

8:00 Comment From Noz: Yup Alton Walpole was the Line Producer. He’s awesome.

[b]8:00 Laura[/b]: Summer: You’re an actor. What are your thoughts on the "Actress" awards in the Oscars?

8:00 Comment From JD: Cool! There’s been so many I can’t keep track.

[b]8:02 Devin[/b]: Not quite getting the "Podium in the middle of the audience" thing. Why not a catwalk?

8:02 Comment From Summer: Until the roles are all mixed up, and we’ve got women playing men and men playing women, and lots more homosexual couples in films, and all that jazz, there’s no use in combining the categories.

8:03 Comment From Summer: All 5 pro actresses in the room feel like the categories should be second.

8:03 Comment From Noz: Tyler Perry and Sarah Jessica Parker. That’s what we’re supposed to be excited to look forward to.

8:03 Comment From Summer: Uh, separate.

8:03 Comment From Dan: They showed Jackson & his beret

[b]8:03 Devin[/b]: Spirit Awards hands awards to Male Performer and Female Performer.

[b]8:04 Jessica[/b]: I don’t think that beret is so tough.

8:04 Comment From pleaides: huh, i never had a beef with seperate categories. they bring different attributes/

8:04 Comment From Summer: The consensus in the room seems to be that until roles available fore women are as awesome, plentiful, strong and excellent as they are for men, the Best Actress category should stay.

[b]8:05 Devin[/b]: Combining actor and actress categories would result in half as many nominations and statues. I don’t know too many people in Hollwood who would be down for that.

8:05 Comment From Summer: Totally agree.

[b]8:06 Jessica[/b]: What kind of name is Sigourney?

8:06 Comment From pleaides: men and women can be as different as documentary and animation.

[b]8:07 Devin[/b]: Avatar gets it’s first statue of the night. Expect more.

8:07 Comment From Laura: Argh, Internet Explorer kicked me.

8:08 Comment From Laura: I was thinking of the Spirit Awards … having seperate categories without the "Actress" wording.

8:08 Comment From pleaides: uh oh, self indulgent

[b]8:08 Jessica[/b]: Of course you ask a semantical question, Laura.

8:09 Comment From pleaides: sara looks awful by the way.

8:10 Comment From Dan: And she looked good when?

8:10 Comment From Noz: Speaking on the Spirit Awards. The director of "Easier with Practice", Kyle Alvarez, shot in Albuquerque, won the award for best upcoming director.

8:10 Comment From pleaides: true. but she has on so much fake tan. ugh

8:10 Comment From JD: SJP’s ancestor was a witch!

[b]8:10 Devin[/b]: Hosts make a horse joke, Sarah Jessica Parker shows up. Coincidence?

8:10 Comment From pleaides: put some meat on your bones, woman

8:10 Comment From Dan: I think not!

[b]8:11 Jessica[/b]: Now THAT’S a tough beret!

8:11 Comment From Summer: That’s the best dress I’ve seen tonight!

8:11 Comment From JD: She has Spock hair.

8:11 Comment From Summer: Sandy Powell, not Sarah JP.

8:11 Comment From pleaides: i love how parisian (sp) she looks

8:12 Comment From pleaides: wtf is that dress?!

8:12 Comment From Laura: Best Actor in a Female Role

8:13 Comment From pleaides: go gaby bo

8:13 Comment From pleaides: go.

[b]8:14 nick brown[/b]: did somebody say spock? I was on the phone for an hour.

[b]8:15 nick brown[/b]: haha. horse, sjp. ten points.

8:15 Comment From Summer: I think I’ve been kicked off

8:15 Comment From pleaides: brokers don’t call on sundays

8:16 Comment From Marisa: Hi all!

8:16 Comment From Dan: Brokers would call during your funeral.

[b]8:17 Jessica[/b]: I made popcorn with truffle oil, garlic and Panola.

8:17 Comment From pleaides: what’s panola?

8:17 Comment From Summer: I’m drinking Sofia out of a tiny can with a straw.

8:17 Comment From Dan: White or black truffle oil?

8:18 Comment From pleaides: that was awesome!

[b]8:18 Marisa[/b]: So where are the Oscars streaming live online?

8:18 Comment From pleaides: are you trying to one up my cornbread and miller lite?

8:18 Comment From JD: When are Steve and Alec doing a movie?

[b]8:18 Marisa[/b]: And who is sporting the most cleavage?

[b]8:18 nick brown[/b]: omg, the twilight girl.

[b]8:18 Devin[/b]: Should be live on our website.

[b]8:18 Laura[/b]: Who’s the dude?

[b]8:19 Devin[/b]: Taylor Lautner’s face is made of Silly Putty.

8:19 Comment From pleaides: she means the actual show. if you don’t have a tv

[b]8:19 nick brown[/b]: I’m streaming them live off the computer and piping them to my tv – they show up on channel 7.

[b]8:20 Jessica[/b]: Oh, sorry, I was eating. White truffle oil, but I have some unopened black too. Which is better? Panola is a hot sauce made in Lake Providence, Louisiana, where my Mom grew up. And yes, I am trying to one up you. I am also drinking my boyfriend’s Shiner Bock.

[b]8:20 Laura[/b]: Spoiler alert for all horror movies ever.

[b]8:21 Laura[/b]: White truf oil is usually synthetic

[b]8:21 Laura[/b]: I mean, oftentimes

8:21 Comment From pleaides: what horror movie was jen aniston in?

[b]8:21 Laura[/b]: Leprechaun!

8:22 Comment From Noz: Edward Scissorhands was a horror movie?

[b]8:22 Jessica[/b]: I thought it was all synthetic.

[b]8:22 Devin[/b]: Troll 2 = Aniston

8:22 Comment From Marisa: I think I’m seeing it, is Chris Harrison talking?

8:22 Comment From pleaides: i dare anyone to stump devin

[b]8:23 Laura[/b]: No way, it was leprech… How the hell do you spell it? short scary Irish gold-hoarder.

8:23 Comment From Dan: Not synthetic, mlostly truffle oil + olive oil.

[b]8:23 Devin[/b]: Sorry. You are correct. Some tiny creature was trying to kill her. Troll, Leprechaun, whatever.

8:24 Comment From pleaides: hah! devin screwed up!

[b]8:24 Devin[/b]: Already.

[b]8:24 Marisa[/b]: I think I found it! Are we looking at Kate Winslet?

[b]8:25 Laura[/b]: Dan, Jessica can’t afford the kush stuff you blaze up with.

[b]8:25 Devin[/b]: You’re watching the Oscars from 1998

[b]8:25 nick brown[/b]: I was looking for troll 2 on netflix – can’t stream it

[b]8:25 Marisa[/b]: Really? It’s not red carpet shots?

[b]8:25 Laura[/b]:

8:25 Comment From JD: Was this guy in one of the Matrix movies?

8:26 Comment From Noz: no he trains tigers

8:26 Comment From pleaides: hahaha

[b]8:26 nick brown[/b]: that’s exactly what we were saying (matrix 2)

8:27 Comment From pleaides: sigfried again

[b]8:27 Jessica[/b]: Yeah, I can’t afford it. I get my fancy truffle oil for free!

8:27 Comment From Noz: I didn’t realize there were two awards for animal wrangling

8:27 Comment From JD: no that’s just his twin from the matrix.

8:28 Comment From pleaides: lovely dress!!!

8:28 Comment From pleaides: bad makeup

8:28 Comment From Summer: Great dress. Now the argument in the room is: who can wear gray? Just blondes, or everyone?

8:29 Comment From Noz: Black chicks look great in grey

[b]8:29 Devin[/b]: Aaand here are all the nerds we wouldn’t allow in the room.

[b]8:29 Jessica[/b]: Is Travolta wearing … jeans?

[b]8:30 Devin[/b]: Why is Gandolf sitting behind Tarantino?

[b]8:30 nick brown[/b]: it was sean connery from the rock

8:31 Comment From Dan: To keep him from conquering the world?

[b]8:31 Laura[/b]: Marisa was warping through different streaming years of Oscars, Lost-style. All better now?

[b]8:32 Marisa[/b]: I think so.

8:32 Comment From Noz: It’s a Yaz commercial now

[b]8:33 Marisa[/b]: Dude, ABC’s not live streaming the event on their site.

[b]8:33 Laura[/b]: Lame. Why the heck wouldn’t they?

[b]8:33 Marisa[/b]: Seems like it’s actually kind of hard to find a live stream, which is so 90s business model.

[b]8:33 Jessica[/b]: I wonder how the artist Yaz feels about the birth control Yaz.

[b]8:34 Marisa[/b]: I think they want you to watch it on TV.

[b]8:34 Laura[/b]: Any ScoJo sightings yet? who was watching the red carpet portion?

[b]8:35 Marisa[/b]: They just introduced Sandra Bullock, right? Or am I still watching Oscars from 10 years ago?

8:35 Comment From Noz: That dress would have been great for last years gay pride float

[b]8:35 Jessica[/b]: Haven’t seen her, but I was only half paying attention to it. Tom Ford was weird to Ryan Seacrest, though.

[b]8:35 Laura[/b]: I like Bullock’s dress but the hair/makeup aren’t working

[b]8:36 Marisa[/b]: I’m into the lipstick.

[b]8:36 Devin[/b]: You’re good Marisa.

[b]8:36 Marisa[/b]: So how many awards has Avatar won so far?

[b]8:36 Laura[/b]: Gucci Tom Ford? Excellent.

[b]8:36 Devin[/b]: Avatar and Hurt Locker go two and two.

[b]8:36 Marisa[/b]: Well, if anyone else wants a live stream, here you go!

[b]8:37 Laura[/b]: Thanks, M

[b]8:37 Devin[/b]: Sorry Two and Three!

[b]8:37 Marisa[/b]: They do the big deal ones last, right?

[b]8:37 Marisa[/b]: Whoa! Barbie dress alert!

[b]8:37 Devin[/b]: Very end.

[b]8:37 Jessica[/b]: Yeah Gucci Tom Ford, who’s probably 40 IQ points smarter than Ryan Seacrest.

[b]8:37 Jessica[/b]: whose

[b]8:37 Devin[/b]: Demi Moore introduced the dead people montage.

8:38 Comment From Noz: Maybe they fucked last night

[b]8:38 Marisa[/b]: Demi’s looking good. People should stop trying to convince me it’s all natural.

[b]8:38 Jessica[/b]: Ha, ha, ha

8:38 Comment From Noz: OH NO. NOT JAMES TAYLOR

[b]8:38 Devin[/b]: James Taylor?!?

[b]8:38 Marisa[/b]: You’re laughing at James Taylor, right jcc?

[b]8:38 Devin[/b]: The sap factor rises!

8:39 Comment From Dan: That dome’s all natural.

[b]8:39 Marisa[/b]: How many of these people made it into a Nick Brown "goodbye, scary little … " obit blog?

[b]8:40 Marisa[/b]: Oh wait, I know: Only the ones that appeared in an episode of Star Trek.

[b]8:40 Jessica[/b]: Not laughing at James Taylor, shuddering.

8:40 Comment From Dan: Dr No…NOOOOO!

8:40 Comment From Noz: The whole room went sighed when B. Murphy’s pic came up. Except our Production Designer, she said "Yuck".

[b]8:40 Laura[/b]: "Instead of a bum, which is what I am.’

8:41 Comment From Summer: Someone in our party said "Brittany whatserface died?"

[b]8:41 Marisa[/b]: hahaha

8:41 Comment From JD: michael jackson died?

[b]8:42 Jessica[/b]: She and Michael Jackson both died of Hollywooditis.

8:42 Comment From Noz: Michael Jackson is the best card to have in your hand when you’re playing Apples to Apples and "Dead" is the green card drawn.

8:43 Comment From rob: I’d much rather hear James Taylor than Michael Jackson.

8:44 Comment From pleaides: apples to apples. i’m lost

[b]8:45 Jessica[/b]: Yeah, I think I could go for the rest of my life without hearing Michael Jackson after the post-mortem inundation.

8:45 Comment From Noz: Ladies and Gentleman, Jennifer Lopez and her ass

[b]8:45 Marisa[/b]: That’s a serious side poof.

[b]8:45 Laura[/b]: Pleaides: A2A = word card game. For kids and stoned adults.

[b]8:45 Jessica[/b]: Apples to Apples is one of the best boxed party games.

8:46 Comment From Summer: JLo’s dress is so big, that guy is leaning over to get in the frame.

8:46 Comment From Noz: What first J. Taylor now this shit

[b]8:46 Laura[/b]: It’s totally the night of the Barbie Dream Wedding Princess Dress.

[b]8:46 Jessica[/b]: Why have there been so few performances tonight?

8:47 Comment From JD: this feels weird

8:48 Comment From Bill M: I’m afraid BAD things will be said about this dance number tomorrow…

[b]8:48 Devin[/b]: Aaaaan the interpretive dance of "The Hurt LOcker" begins.

[b]8:48 Laura[/b]: A dance crew? Poppin and locking to a melodramatic score?

8:48 Comment From Dan: This is EXACTLY why…..there have been so few.

8:49 Comment From Summer: The idea is to have choreography that causes you to feel the same way the film did, while you sit and listen to the score. So if you felt bad during the Hurt Locker choreo, it’s working.

[b]8:49 Jessica[/b]: I wish popping and locking would go the way of the madison.

[b]8:49 Laura[/b]: As winner of America’s Best Dance Crew, you get to do all the dance numbers at the Oscars.

8:49 Comment From JD: I’m ready for a review from 3 judges sitting off camera.

[b]8:49 Devin[/b]: Overheard at Academy meeting two months ago: "The kids love that breakdancing stuff. How can we get that in to the show?"

8:50 Comment From rob: hey – James Taylor didn’t dance , This crap is Michael Jackson’s fault

8:50 Comment From Bill M: It’s getting even stranger…

8:50 Comment From Noz: This has lasted 5 minutes too long

8:50 Comment From Summer: Breakdancing moves have been worked into every piece, whether it belongs or not! Good call Devin.

8:51 Comment From pleaides: what is the madison?

[b]8:51 Jessica[/b]: Those red shirts clash with everything.

[b]8:51 Devin[/b]: We gave up a Best Song medley for this?

[b]8:51 Laura[/b]: Alright Devin: Is it too early to call worst Oscar production value ever?

[b]8:52 Laura[/b]: Clooney thought it was ass.

[b]8:52 Jessica[/b]:, I wish the madison would come back.

8:53 Comment From pleaides: oh , oh! i like the madison!

[b]8:53 Laura[/b]: Ach. Bubble of tinitus ring around the mics all night. Terrible.

[b]8:54 Devin[/b]: All these Hollywood people think you need to lean into the mics to be heard.

[b]8:54 Devin[/b]: THIS IS TECHNICAL EDITING!!!

8:55 Comment From pleaides: what does the MEAN?

[b]8:55 Laura[/b]: These presenters went twinsies

8:55 Comment From Noz: I’ve been bored by this for about 30 minutes

[b]8:55 Jessica[/b]: Last night’s OUTstanding Awards were way better than this.

[b]8:55 Marisa[/b]: Yeah! Where’s Kanye West when you need him?

[b]8:56 Marisa[/b]: He should jump up on stage and take the technical editors’ Oscars away.

[b]8:56 Jessica[/b]: No, where’s that drunk lady in the purple windbreaker?

8:56 Comment From pleaides: we only want to see pretty people. get off the stage

8:57 Comment From JD: did anyone just hear thunder?

[b]8:57 Laura[/b]: lol, Jessica

[b]8:57 Marisa[/b]: I did!

[b]8:57 Laura[/b]: Yes! Thunder in the Valley!

8:57 Comment From pleaides: i did too. big sky, we all live in different places

[b]8:58 Marisa[/b]: First female director in history?

[b]8:58 Marisa[/b]: Didn’t Sophia Coppola win not that long ago?

[b]8:58 Devin[/b]: Could be the first.

8:58 Comment From Noz: I hope not she’s terrible

[b]8:58 Marisa[/b]: No! Didn’t she win for Lost in Translation?

[b]8:59 Devin[/b]: No on Sophia. Though she was nominated.

[b]8:59 Marisa[/b]: Does it amaze anyone else that it’s 2010 and it could be the first Oscar win for a female director?

9:00 Comment From JD: Modern Family is a great show – you should try it.

9:00 Comment From Summer: It’s amazing, and it won’t be "that big of a deal"

9:00 Comment From Summer: But it is a pretty big deal.

[b]9:00 Marisa[/b]: I don’t think Avatar should win best pic because it’s a ripoff of many other films.

[b]9:00 Laura[/b]: Clearly, they need a Best Directress category

9:00 Comment From pleaides: what do you think that means, marisa?

[b]9:00 Devin[/b]: Copolla won Best Original Screenplay.

[b]9:01 Marisa[/b]: Shot for shot, sometimes, it’s FernGully

[b]9:01 Laura[/b]: That’s low

9:01 Comment From Hank: Lost in translation was pretentious as hell

[b]9:01 Marisa[/b]: I’m pretty sure it means Hollywood is horrifically sexist.

9:02 Comment From pleaides: do you have some favorite female directors?

9:02 Comment From Noz: Nice FernGully joke Marisa. Occasionally I author FernGully jokes of my own.

[b]9:03 Devin[/b]: Bigelow has actually done some great stuff: Near Dark, Dark Blue, Point Break

[b]9:03 Jessica[/b]: Penelope Spheeris!

[b]9:03 Marisa[/b]: What you got, Noz? Let’s hear some FernGully. And actually, it was one Amy Dalness who brought that initial FernGully comparison to my attention.

9:03 Comment From Noz: If you throw out a Troll In Central Park joke you’ll have my heart

[b]9:04 Devin[/b]: Spheeris until she directed Little Rascals.

[b]9:04 Marisa[/b]: I thought Lost in Translation was boring except for the occasional moment when Bill Murray was being awkwardly funny.

[b]9:05 Jessica[/b]: Aside from The Virgin Suicides, Coppola’s films are about being a poor little rich girl, which is really irritating.

[b]9:05 Devin[/b]: The Cove was a mindblower. You should see it.

[b]9:05 Marisa[/b]: Did The Cove just win best doc feature?

[b]9:05 Devin[/b]: Yes.

[b]9:07 Devin[/b]: Snuggie!

9:07 Comment From pleaides: i feel like the hosts haven’t done anything

[b]9:07 Jessica[/b]: Snuggies!

[b]9:07 Jessica[/b]: Except cuddle and wear snuggies?

[b]9:08 Marisa[/b]: Wow. Feature Documentaries comes before Film Editing.

9:08 Comment From romaine: dolphins win!

[b]9:08 Jessica[/b]: Those gloves are weird. The whole look is weird.

9:08 Comment From Laura: Penny Marshall! … Just kidding!

9:08 Comment From romaine: dolphins win!

9:08 Comment From Laura: SNL moment … Baldwin and Martin in matching slankets on the coach

[b]9:09 Marisa[/b]: Wow. I just looked up some stuff on female directors. Did you know Mary Harron directed American Psycho? That movie is messed up.

[b]9:09 Laura[/b]: couch

[b]9:10 Marisa[/b]: Monster was directed by Patty Jenkins

[b]9:10 Devin[/b]: Harron also directed Pet Semetery.

[b]9:10 Laura[/b]: Creepy women directors

9:10 Comment From Noz: That stage looks like the BART Station at SFO

[b]9:11 Marisa[/b]: Awesome.

[b]9:11 Devin[/b]: Good call, Noz

[b]9:11 Marisa[/b]: There’s lots of cute ones, too. I’m only picking out the stuff I liked.

[b]9:11 Marisa[/b]: Looks like Kathryn Bigelow, who’s up this year for Hurt Locker, also did Point Break in 1991.

9:12 Comment From pleaides: if there are plenty of great women authors, there have to plenty of great women directors

9:12 Comment From pleaides: what’s up with the ladies doing surfing movies?

[b]9:12 Marisa[/b]: Penny Marshall did A League of Their Own, which I really like.

[b]9:13 Marisa[/b]: Boys Don’t Cry was directed by Kimberly Peirce.

[b]9:13 Devin[/b]: One of my fave female B-movie directors is Katt Shea Ruben: Stripped to Kill, Poison Ivy, The Rage: Carrie 2. She starred in Barbarian Queen and Psycho III too!

[b]9:14 Marisa[/b]: Nice.

[b]9:14 Marisa[/b]: Looks like Kathryn Bigelow is also a painter.

[b]9:15 Laura[/b]: Pedro Almodovar and Quinten Tarrentino co-presenting!

[b]9:15 Marisa[/b]: Tarantino is a douche.

[b]9:15 Jessica[/b]: Didn’t realize Almodovar spoke English.

9:15 Comment From JD: Pedro looks kinda like Fred Armison from SNL

[b]9:16 Marisa[/b]: Someone should make a poll question about who is better (Almadovar or Tarantino).

[b]9:17 Jessica[/b]: Almodovar, duh!

9:17 Comment From pleaides: duh!

[b]9:17 Marisa[/b]: Totes.

9:17 Comment From Summer: Agreed.

9:17 Comment From Summer: Someone at this party just applauded Almodovar for pronouncing the title correctly….

9:17 Comment From pleaides: i do like all of there movies, though

[b]9:18 Laura[/b]: Anyone seen any of the foriegn films up for noms?

9:18 Comment From Romaine: uhhh I’m not a fan of Tarantino, but almodovar is ugh…all hysterical women. god.

9:19 Comment From Noz: I was peeing… what award was just handed out

9:19 Comment From pleaides: ya piss ya miss, noz

[b]9:19 Laura[/b]: Films That Hate America

9:20 Comment From pleaides: avatar was soooo annoying.

9:20 Comment From Noz: Is there anything grosser than two aliens making out?

[b]9:20 Jessica[/b]: Two aliens having sex.

[b]9:21 Laura[/b]: Breakdance-ballet to film scores

9:22 Comment From Noz: Two aliens pop, lock and droppin’ to a movies score while having alien sex

[b]9:22 Jessica[/b]: Oh my god. Sea Ray song from almost ten years ago in a Coke commercial!

9:22 Comment From Summer: Damn, that was the joke I was about to break out, but I was distracted.

[b]9:22 Laura[/b]: And the casts of all John Hughes’ movies combined in 2010

9:23 Comment From Summer: So, like what we saw earlier?

9:23 Comment From pleaides: i’m having fun adding to my netflix during all of this. strange days is now on my queue

[b]9:23 Laura[/b]: precisely

9:23 Comment From Noz: Dude local commercials are so much weirder in SoTex

[b]9:23 Marisa[/b]: Strange Days was great! One of my favorite movies.

[b]9:24 Jessica[/b]: I think music in commercials is proof that radio is totally irrelevant.

[b]9:24 Marisa[/b]: Not only because of Juliet Lewis’ cover of that PJ Harvey song.

[b]9:24 Laura[/b]: Noz — Is it all Crystal Lard and Lone Star?

9:24 Comment From Noz: Michelle Pheifer is still alive

[b]9:24 Laura[/b]: Pfeiffer! She’s back from the dead.

[b]9:25 Laura[/b]: Jinx

9:25 Comment From pleaides: that lady in the middle looks 20 years older tonight

[b]9:25 Jessica[/b]: Do the local commercials talk about how, in Texas, everything is big?

9:25 Comment From Noz: you owe me a lone star

9:25 Comment From pleaides: like the stars at night

[b]9:26 Laura[/b]: All Jeff Bridges is missing is a Col. Sanders tie

[b]9:26 Marisa[/b]: Whoa! They just took my live stream off the air!

9:26 Comment From pleaides: LOL!

9:26 Comment From rob: Michelle Pfiefer was so hot with Jeff Bridges in Fabulous Baker Boys and still hot

[b]9:26 Marisa[/b]: Network bastards.

9:26 Comment From pleaides: colnel angus

9:26 Comment From Summer: I’m not sure about this "I worked with this person and can vouch for what a good person they are" stuff. It has nothing to do with their acting skills in the film.

[b]9:26 Laura[/b]: Pfieffer just made Bridges teary eyed

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