Alien Phone Call

“Get Me Brett Weir I Said!”

Nick Brown
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Alien Phone Call
An Alien Is Greeted By Earth’s Top Scientists
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In the early Alibi days, a lot of the staffers set their computers to SETI at night so they could help unravel the billions of radio bleeps and blips that bombard us from space. Tom Nayder participated in SETI as recently as 2002, but said it started crashing his machine. He also didn’t like my theory that aliens were crashing him by uploading porn to his computer.

Yesterday, there was a report that an alien culture had finally contacted us on the giant radio dish down in Puerto Rico. Today, that
story has been retracted ( here’s the retraction) and, as a result, I don’t have a whole hell of a lot to say about it except that I was kind of excited for 20 hours or so.

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