All Apologies

rudy carrillo
1 min read
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I am no Republican. Neither am I a Democratic apologist. Yet, I am not shocked or amazed at the results of our nation's recent election, even as our nation swings to the right, even as the right consolidates power. Certainly, the Republicans are a crafty lot and they have consistenly stood for a culture which is in basic opposition to mine and to many members of my community. Yet, in reflection, it becomes clear that the Democratic Party is partially to blame for what happened last night. Until the Democrats can define their mission AND produce candidates who are substantial AND substantive, there will continue to be a long line of Kerrys and Gores and Dukakaises and Mondales. It is less astonishing that Bush won than it is to consider the mindset of a Democratic Party leadership which apparently seems hellbent on running unelectable candidates. Although Kerry did his best to seem informed and likeable (i.e. presidential), he only succeeded to a point and often came off as patrician (a no-no in American politics) and he left enough doubt in voter's minds that they chose the devil they knew, rather than the devil they did not.
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