All Star Wrestling

We Have Real Life Fake Wrestlers In Our Own Backyard!

Simon McCormack
1 min read
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During the halftime show at an Albuquerque Thunderbirds game last month, the crowd (of which I was a member) was treated to a shouting match turned faux-brawl brought to them by a local organization called "All Star Wrestling."

The fight was between two wrestlers, whose names I forgot as soon as I heard them. One of the gentlemen, who was clearly "the bad guy" in the situation, was playing the role of a snobby, cosmopolitan jerk, who expressed these characteristics via mean, uppity comments and a tucked-in shirt. The other fellow won the crowd over by saying that he, like everyone else at the arena, was "a blue class American." I think he meant "blue-collar American" but I can’t be sure.

After seeing this display, I Googled "all star wrestling" but I was unable to dig up much info other than ASW’s website claim that they provide, "High Energy, Family-Oriented, Sports Entertainment!" Does anyone have any information about this organization? Has anyone seen these guys in action? I am intrigued.
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