Amped For Amtgard

Simon McCormack
2 min read
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The local chapter of Amtgard, Pegasus Valley, crowned a new duchess recently and the Alibi was there for the pre-celebration sword fighting.

here for more info on Amtgard and here for the local chapter’s website.

Without getting too technical, the members I spoke to described Amtgard as a live-action version of role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons. Pegasus Valley meets every Saturday in Albuquerque. On March 7, they met in Taylor Park on Indian School and Pennsylvania. Men women and children engage in some hotly contested sword fights called ditch battles. "They basically lineup and whack each other," explains Amtgard member Nacoochee.

Most participants wear medieval period garb, without the heavy armor more commonly associated with the Society for Creative Anachronism. "We kick their ass when they come out here," says Kaulik Von Aufinger when asked about the pseudo-rival group.

All of the swords and other weaponry are foam covered and perfectly safe. New Duchess Lila Von Weiss says many children with behavioral problems can get some of their aggression out on the battle field. "It gets troubled teens doing things that are fun and not destructive," Weiss says. "They could get long-term relationships out of it."

Pegasus Valley is always looking for new members. Visit the
website to find out how to join.
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