An Election Day In The Life Of Candidate Martin Heinrich

Christie Chisholm
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An Election Day in the Life of Candidate Martin Heinrich
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Keep an eye out for CD1 candidate Martin Heinrich (who the Alibi endorsed) on the streets today—he or one of his volunteers might hand you a sopaipilla. In what may be one of the most brilliant marketing strategies in a political campaign to date, Heinrich’s folks rented three sopaipilla trucks and are making the rounds, offering a cup of joe to boot.

I spoke with Heinrich about an hour ago and at least one of his pastry ambassadors was on its way to the South Valley. The candidate said the day was off to a good start—more than 500 people arrived in a coordinated kick-off to walk neighborhoods this morning, reminding people to vote (the effort was organized by the Heinrich, Tom Udall and Barack Obama camps). As we’ve already heard, lines are short today, and Heinrich’s campaign has received estimates that more than 50 percent of the vote this season will have come from early and absentee ballots.

So what’s Election Day like for a candidate in a highly contested race who’s
ahead by a few percentage points? Heinrich:

• Hasn’t slept for a week (not well, at least)

• Ate a banana for breakfast. Then a bagel at 10 a.m., then a sandwich at 1 p.m. (he said he’s surrounded by food these days at various campaign stations). He can’t wait to get back to only three meals a day.

• Voted early on Oct. 30, and the line went quickly and smoothly.

• Said his favorite and worst campaign moment are one and the same: his chair falling off the stage and a firefighter catching him before he hit the ground.

• Said if he wins, tomorrow he’ll wake up early and start making phone calls and getting organized. If he doesn’t, he’ll sleep in.

When asked if he’s optimistic based on the poll numbers, Heinrich said "cautiously," and "there’s only one poll that matters."
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