An Observational Space

Barnaby Hazen’s Seven Eleven Ceremony And Other Short Stories

Mark Lopez
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An Observational Space
Painting by Sarah Nettleton
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There is time and place. And then there is motion. And how one moves through particular moments and settings depicts untold stories, stories that move fluidly or gradually, depending on who’s doing the telling. In Taos writer Barnaby Hazen’s case, the settings are 7-Eleven stores, and the characters are varied, each telling a different tale, marked by experience and emotion. Hazen crafted this book of short stories (titled Seven Eleven Ceremony and Other Short Stories) of his own volition in the hopes of churning out multiple vignettes that share one common setting to ignite a variety of ideas and concepts.

According to
Hazen’s Kickstarter page (which closes out this Sunday on Jan. 19) to fund his project, Hazen states that “The stories named after 7/11 were based on the number of philosophical conversations I kept having with a certain friend of mine while walking or driving to and from one franchise or another.” It’s Hazen’s hope that not only will the book be published, but that with adequate funding, it could turn into an ongoing literary journal where people can submit stories of their own experiences at 7-Eleven stores, or any other convenience store. “It’s definitely an offshoot of a bigger idea. I’m hoping that if the book is successful, I can become an editor of other people’s stories,” Hazen said. He’s also made a “flash fiction” piece from the book available, via his Facebook page, and hopes that people will not only respond/donate to this innovative project, but that they’ll also contribute their own stories if the project proves prosperous. Scope the page, and give what you can before Sunday.
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