And It’s ...

And It’s ...

Steven Robert Allen
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Wilson by a hair! That’s what it looks like right now, anyway. A mere 1,300 votes separates her from Madrid, which is technically too close to call, but I have a sinking feeling about this. There are only a few thousand votes left to count, and the math just isn’t working in Madrid’s favor.

I guess it all came down to that horrible debate and The Commercial it spawned. Wilson came off sounding articulate and smart, and Madrid came off sounding inarticulate and … not smart. Painful! If the Democrats can’t beat Wilson in this environment, they never will. The irony is I’m pretty sure if Richard Romero had been running again this time around he would’ve beaten her handily.

Check out the nationwide results, though. Democrats have almost doubled the seats they need to take control of the House. And although it’s still too close to call at this point it looks like they’ll take Montana and Virginia giving them control of the Senate, too.

Cold sweats, Mr. President? Can you say “subpoena”?
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