And We Shall Call It ... Earth!

Let’s Talk About The End Of “Battlestar Galactica,” And Let Your Geek Flag Fly

Erin McCullough
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And We Shall Call It ... Earth!
Umm...I don’t remember this scene
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It’s over. After more years than seasons, our beloved band of humans and their Cylon allies (as well as enemies) have found a sort of home. So, from a series that had serious,
serious ups and downs, what were your favorite and most-hated moments?

I’ll start. Favorite moment: So hard to choose…I’ll go with Exodus pt. 2 from Season Two–the uprising on New Caprica. Galactica jumping into the atmosphere. Bad ass.

Least favorite: Ugh. So hard to choose. Anything involving Zarek or Cally, except when Cally gets killed. That was awesome.
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