Andrew Sullivan, Scott Horton And The Alibi

Tim McGivern
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Andrew Sullivan, the former editor of The New Republic and a popular inside-the-beltway blogger ran a quote from the Alibi’s interview with Scott Horton, “A Few Bad Men,” that appeared back on Nov. 3. Apparently Mr. Horton’s interview has been a popular link to several blogs in recent days, following the imbroglio (disgustingly weak as it was) surrounding Alberto Gonzales’ disregard for our country’s laws and traditions regarding torture of prisoners.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Now, if you know the tradition of the United States Army, one thing has been consistent and that is that we are aggressive and tough on the field of battle, but when you take prisoners they are treated humanely and with respect. That’s the rule that was set by George Washington in the battle of Trenton on Dec. 25, 1776. The soldiers of the continental army took the Hessians and said these soldiers are mercenaries and we should take retribution on them. They wanted the Hessians to run the gauntlet and they would beat them with sticks. General Washington said we will not do this. He said these people will be treated with respect and dignity and they will suffer no abuse or torture, because to do otherwise would bring dishonor upon our sacred cause. That’s one of the first orders given to the continental army and that antedates the United States. It has been military tradition for 240 years, and it was stopped by Donald Rumsfeld.” – former lawyer for Andrei Sakharov, Scott Horton.

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