Annoying Automobile Decorating Trends

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You will soon be seeing these everywhere.
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It’s getting close to Christmas again and I’ve already started to notice people driving around with wreaths on their cars. So I guess that this year the new holiday trend is putting antlers above each side window and a shinny red nose on the front of the car. (sorry this trend is too new and there is no link.) But nothing, nothing, NOTHING is as absurd and obnoxious as hanging a big set of testies on the back of your ride. (You will usually find the fake testicles on the back of ridiculously large pickup truck or SUV.) I have actually recently spotted quite a few nut sacs on the back of pickups around town. Is it just me or is something wrong with this picture?

What kind of douchebag would ... ???

Homemade car antlers.

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