Anthony Kiedis’ Girlfriends

Marisa Demarco
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Anthony KiedisÕ Girlfriends
Kiedis and Hagen (From
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What follows is a series of nasty generalizations:

I dislike the Red Hot Chili Peppers. And it’s not due to lack of exposure. Many a ditched high school class was whiled away hiding in some friend’s bedroom listening to RHCP.

But aside from a couple of tracks on
Blood Sugar Sex Magik (seriously? with the K?), most of the Peppers’ work is empty and all sounds the same. Especially Kiedis’ vocals. But that’s probably why stoner frat types heart this band almost as much as Dave Matthews and Incubus.

So how surprised was I to find that Kiedis has a dating history that looks more like part of a roster of kickass women of the last two decades? (If you exclude the dull model types.)

Let’s take a peek:

Nina Hagen: Freaky theatrical singer from East Germany, sometimes acknowledged as the the godmother of the early punk/new wave.

Sinéad O’Connor: The often bald, shapelessly clothed, outspoken vocalist who won’t perform after a national anthem is played because she considers them nationalist tirades.

Hope Sandoval: Lead singer for Mazzy Star.

Sofia Coppola: The third woman—and only American woman—to be nominated for an Academy Award for Directing.

I hear Kiedis also had an interesting childhood and once may have shown up at a noise hole in L.A. to see a show. He also organized a music fest in 2008 called the
New American Music Union that was supposed to be pretty all right and included college bands.

Maybe he makes really interesting music in private? Maybe I’m a serious asshole? (Yes, yes. I probably am).

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