Apd Can’t Handle Kink

Hillari Straba
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This is illegal, apparently
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This past Friday APD really outdid themselves and reached an entirely new level of ridiculous.

At the Kink Show at the Sunshine Theater, officers arrested two of the performers for indecent exposure. Granted, one of the arrestees was putting both arms through his gauged testicles and the other was shooting darts from her crotch, but it was all done in the name of performance art, therefore they should be protected.

To add insult to injury, the officers also took a camera from one of the photographers who was documenting the “offensive” event. If APD is getting bent out of shape over that, then they should arrest every stripper and porn film maker/photographer because what they are doing is along the same lines. First of all, the show was called “Kink.” Everyone who attended knew what they were getting themselves into upon entering. Secondly, everyone there was of age, because it was an 18 and over event, so where’s the bad? Come on APD, lighten up.

EDITOR’S UPDATE: This blog post regarding the Kink fetish performance is inaccurate. No one was arrested. The Albuquerque Police Department was not involved.

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