Are Across-The-Board Cuts At Unm Slicing Too Deep For Smaller Departments?

Sam Adams
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Are across-the-board cuts at UNM slicing too deep for smaller departments?
( Andrew Mason )
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A group called Graduate Employees Together convened at UNM’s Board of Regents meeting this morning. I spoke with Liza, a member of the group’s organizing committee, yesterday. Members planned to offer testimony as to why an across-the-board cut of 3.24 percent was unjust, and why a pending 5 percent cut could be even more harmful, Liza said. GET contends that the slashes in funding are greatly harming UNM’s smaller programs, such as their esteemed Photo Department. The group would like to know why other financing sources—say, UNM’s athletics alumni funds—aren’t being tapped.

Those interested in getting involved with GET can contact the organization at
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