Arts? I Got Your Arts Right Here, You Bastard

Edith P. Giblets
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Arts? I Got Your Arts Right Here, You Bastard
Zis iz an artteest. Peut etre you vill meet one, non?
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What the hell are you going to do this weekend? It’s windy as crap out there, so hiking in the foothills is out (also, stabbings). Go see some damn art, then. In my vast experience, it’s nowhere near as dreadful as you may think. One time, I had fun.


With Bright Spines at q-Staff theatre. Read our review of it here.

Bless Me, Ultima at The Vortex Theatre

The Lion in Winter at the Adobe Theater

See what other productions are happening at
the Albuquerque Theatre Guild website.

Operatic Stuff

Polish up your nodes and head over to the Old Town’s Roasted Bean Cafe (1919 Old Town Rd) tonight for Opera and Broadway Open Mic night. Tango band to follow. What?!


On Saturday, St. John’s Methodist Church hosts Jazz Vespers, an informal worship service feature Burque’s best musicians. This sounds weird. I like it. Starts at 5 p.m. Here’s their website.

Check out our arts calendar for more. We worked so hard on it.
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