At The Beginning Of Time

Nick Brown
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At The Beginning Of Time
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Fire was in black and white.

These days, kids refuse to watch old fire, even though it’s just as good as new fire.

We only had ten words, but there were many shades of meaning.

Hide scrapers came naturally to us.

Instead of saying hello, people said "helloe, my goode fellowe."

Backrubs were a nickel.

Tingley Beach made people tingle with suspense.

The #1 song: “Camptown Races”

Frontier served sweetrolls made of venison.

Nob Hill was (and will always be) a hill.

Fuck this arrowhead thing; they can just go in the dirt, for all I care.

There was no zoo: only an area of animals.

Applebee’s was exactly what it sounds like.

Tom Joles demanded that every first born child be killed. Why? Right after this message.

Knock knock jokes existed before doors, which made them funnier.
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