Austin Blandford
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Check out the great Atmosphere
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Rap divides people. You either love it or hate it. If you’re one of those people that always have a rhyme stuck in your head, then you missed a really great show last Sunday night. The Paolo Soleri amphitheater in Santa Fe featured Atmosphere, one of the biggest names in underground rap. The concert began around 5:30 p.m. with Los Nativos starting the show with their energetic Mexican rap sound. Brother Ali came next, using his fast and smooth rhymes to sing about being Albino, and trying to balance family life with touring. The last opening act was Merz, sounding like a smooth hardcore version De La Soul, singing about growing up poor and trying to get girls. Then the moment that everyone had been waiting for came at last. Slug, the rapper for Atmosphere, came onstage and brought a new level of energy in a way only he could. Highlights of Atmosphere’s performance were remixed versions of “God Loves Ugly,” “Shrapnel,” and “Always Coming Back Home to You.” Overall, the show’s energy was great, with the theatre being small enough for the rappers to go into the crowd and get them into the show. Now are you sorry that you missed it? Don’t worry, Slug mentioned a “next time.” I know that for me anyway, next time can’t come soon enough.
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