Baby Selling

Big Deal Or Muh, Happens Everywhere?

Simon McCormack
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Baby Selling
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The Associated Press says they’ve obtained a new report from the U.S. Embassy in Vietnam which claims the Vietnamese government has allowed deep-seeded corruption in some of its adoption agencies. In the worst cases, the report says kidnapping and baby selling has taken place. The article sights one example, in which a grandma sold her grandchild to a baby broker (I wouldn’t wanna run into one of those) without permission from the child’s parents.

Eek! Or is it? While they admit that corruption may exist in the Vietnamese adoption industry, Vietnamese adoption officials deny that these more serious offenses take place. The article mentions several American-based adoption agencies with offices in Vietnam and the quotes from their spokespeople also grant that bribery and the like may take place. One official is quoted as saying that it’s up to the individual agency to have its own strict standards. Those standards presumably include not dealing with baby stealers.

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