Basta Dobbs

Latino Organization Takes Action Against Cnn Pundit Lou Dobbs

Jessica Cassyle Carr
1 min read
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Basta Dobbs is a collective of organizations joined in raising awareness about what they deem to be the dangerous spread of hatred and misinformation about Latinos.

Lou Dobbs has stated on air that he supports the work of vigilante groups like the
Minutemen, anti-immigration groups FAIR and the totally ridiculous birther movement. He also hosts right wing radicals as guests on his program, some of which are known racists.

That these yokels are allowed to parade around on national television, placating the racist views of other yokels is the height of crazy. To fight the lunatics, including Dobbs, the movement, as other movements have before,
argues that there is a difference between hate speech and free speech. Hmmm, do you think speech considered hate speech should be prohibited?

Thanks to
New Mexico Media Literacy Project for the tip.
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