Bathe In Brewski

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
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Beer lovers everywhere should begin demanding that their employers send them to Austria, Germany or the Czech Republic. It could be a business trip. Clients could need face-to-face time in those countries. And, drum roll please, you could have those in-person meetings while soaking in a tub of beer.

Beer spas are the latest in relaxation and skin care, though there’s some debate over whether the mellow is induced by the spa or by all the beer people are drinking at the spa. You have your choice of dark-larger or lighter-brew therapies.

Spa soaks start at about 42 euros or $52.50, according to a
New York Times article in yesterday’s travel section. You can also spend the weekend drinking beer and eating things topped, drenched or battered in beer. Watch out for green hops, though, which have a way of sticking in the most unusual crevices.

Sounds like the perfect lube for better business transactions.
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