Battlestar Galactica Is My Boyfriend

And My Boyfriend Is Back

Erin Adair-Hodges
1 min read
Battlestar Galactica Is My Boyfriend
If one of them’s a Cylon, I swear to God I won’t believe in anything anymore.
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“Battlestar Galactica” returns this Friday for what, I think, is the final season (this series makes “Lost” look regularly scheduled). I am pretty, ahem, frakking excited. Who will the fifth Cylon be? Will Roslin have a post-menopausal miracle baby with Adama who will then grow up and save the human race? Will an Applebee’s somehow have survived Earth’s apocalypse so the gang can go get Endless Margaritas( TM) ? Until Friday, satiate your burning curiosity with ten webisodes on They seem to feature Gaeta having a sweaty breakdown. Eh, I’ll take it.
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