Be Afraid

Steven Robert Allen
1 min read
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The website the The Smoking Gun recently obtained the document Vice President Dick Cheney’s staff gives to hotels to instruct personnel on how he wants his suite outfitted during a stay. It’s an intriguing look into the life of a very secretive man. His demands aren’t as peculiar as you might expect. No live bunnies to appease his carnivorous appetite. No bathtub full of vanilla pudding.

Cheney does, however, demand that the TV in his hotel suite always be pretuned to the hyper-conservative FOX News Channel. This isn’t much of a shock. It’s just one more painful reminder of why the Bush administration and its supporters are so eager to blame the liberal media for the catastrophic war in Iraq. I actually think these people are sincere in their belief that Iraq is largely hunky-dory. They’re living in a bubble of their own making. If they don’t like the facts on the ground in Iraq, they can simply turn to their propagandists at FOX to reassure them that all is right in the world. Meanwhile, the pile of bodies just keeps getting higher …

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