Beer ... It Does A Body Good?

At Least, Better Than Milk

Amy Dalness
2 min read
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Yesterday was birthday cake day here at the Alibi (which, I must admit, is one of my favorite days). As we sat around the conference room table, eating the delicious cake from Patisserie C, the topic of conversation turned oh-so innocently to why milk is really, really bad for you Steve threw down his icing-covered plate in disgust. I considered never consuming non-organic dairy ever again. Or organic even.

The conversation continued, we ate our cake and discussed milk. Jeremy sent around an e-mail with some info from an angry Tony Hawk fan’s blog post, citing all the hormones and antibotics and cancer-causing misconceptions about milk.

In the way the cosmos always seems to work from me, I happened upon a story about a study that claims that milk is worse for you than beer The study suggests that adult men can consume 24 ounces of beer a day, and no more than 16 ounces of low-fat milk or soy drinks. Whole milk is out of the question.

Although the story never really states why you shouldn’t consume so much milk, after reading some of the above information, I think I can draw my own conclusions.

The study was funded by a parent company of Lipton Tea and is going to be used in advertising campaigns to promote tea consumption. I say fair is fair: Give the beer company's the study results, too. Let’s see a Budweiser frog duke it out with the Creamland cow The cow’s going down, man.

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