Behold: Peppy Doughnuts!

Thank You, Science

Hillari Straba
1 min read
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Ah, it’s nice to know scientists are focusing on the important things … like combining the caffeine of coffee and the sweet, glazed goodness of the doughnut.

Kudos to Robert Bohannon for creating and introducing us to the caffeinated doughnut. Apparently, previous attempts at putting caffeine in baked goods had shown that the caffeine has a very bitter taste. Cleverly, Bohannon put caffeine in tiny capsules inside the doughnut which dissolve in your stomach instead of your mouth, so there’s no bitterness. Each doughnut has the amount of caffeine that’s equal to drinking two cups of coffee. Frankly, I prefer my coffee and doughnuts seperate from eachother, but I’m sure there’s someone that wouldn’t mind this more convenient version of the two.
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