Nick Brown
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The sausage looks bellissimo!
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It makes me want to puke blood when people say “bellissimo.” It’s usually used in reference to something like, for instance, a plate of spaghetti… and people generally say it with a phoney Italian accent after kissing their fingertips. Here’s why that’s crap. When people do that, what they’re really saying is “not only do I speak Italian, but I explicitly understand every nuance of Italian culture and could therefore act as a sort of mentor to you.” Bullshit. Anybody who says “bellissimo” after they taste some spaghetti is a fucking poser who learned it from a tv commercial. I’ve never been to Italy, but I bet “bellissimo” doesn’t get used much because the literal translation is “the spaghetti is very good and I’m a total ass wipe.” Everyone stop saying bellissimo.
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